Delayed ★ 【2 hours of ocean eating and drinking all you can eat】 After 20:30 on Friday, Saturday, and public holidays, how much is 3000 yen ⇒ 2500 yen!
2500 Yen

50 kinds ~ cooking · 70 kinds ~ drinks are all you can eat and drink

Seats will be 2 hour.Fri · Sat · Prior to celebration OK! 【Special Course for Early Assignment & Late Speed ​​Limited】 Please change the time and enjoy it with great profit ♪ Order Viking you can eat as much as you like the creative dishes of the changing season every month! You can use it as a banquet as it's all-you-can-eat.(The number of items of cooking and drink menu will be changed before Friday, Sunday and public holidays)


- ★ Let's raise the party gorgeously with option plus ★ ---

【1】 Assorted sashimi (5 types) ... + 500 yen

【2】 Steak platter ... + 500 yen

【3】 All you can drink premium malt ... + 500 yen

【4】 Syringe platter assortment ... + 800 yen


★ All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat Grand menu with over 50 varieties every month!

【Tentatively, salad】

Edamame / okra octopus wasabi / radish chanja / tree child and chicken liver ginger boiled / cold / pickle platter

Sashimo Namba Taste / Seasoned Vermillion Boiled Egg / Moro Cure / Hot Spring Egg and Ham's Caesar Salad

Smoked salmon and fruit citrus salad / pork shabu and radish sesame salad

Avocado and tofu yuba's wasabi cream salad / pork shabu and radish sesame salad / assorted ham platter

Radish with shrimp and avocado in wasabi-style / raw ham and tomato carpaccio / roast bee with warm ball

【Goods / Fried Items】

Asia's overnight dried / grilled Sarawara carpaccio / 鱧 湯 湯 Plum meat sauce / smoked platter

Salmon marinade / two yakitori skins / soup dumplings / old old okonishi sausage grilled / young chicken salt heavenly woman

Pork meat cigar fried / fried potatoes / fried chicken leaf / cradle oyster fried / deep-fried cartilage

Deep fried chicken wings / Sweet potato honey butter sauce / Onion Mayon Pon vinegar Takoyaki

Crab cream croquette / fried chicken fried / salsa fried shrimps skewers

【Hot items, rice, noodles】

Hiroshima style seafood Timimi / potato akuta cheese teppanyaki / chicken no Rikka / meat miso tortilla

Chicken meatballs with chicken meatballs with eggs / Grilled pork and miso / mozzarella cheese tomato basil pizza

Salmon grilled saury / Sushi (Tako / Squid / Salmon / Sawara / Roast Beef / Shrimp / Raw Ham) Bisection / Maguro Sushi

Sea sound style meat buckwheat / iron plate Hiroshima vegetable shinning rice Three servings / Akuta kettama udon / hot bibimbap


Yuzu Sherbet / Vanilla Ice / Yogurt Ice / Matcha Ice / Gateau Chocolate Ice / Maron Ice

Black honey ice / apple ice / grapes · pear Nasi cake / brownie / chocolate cake / vanilla chiffon cake

Flamboir rare cheesecake / berry berry cake / Matcha donut / chocolate donut