December Limited ★ Before Kimura-domiti! All-you-can-eat drinks available without hours, no limitations, limited time, 3500 yen
3500 yen

50 kinds ~ cooking · 70 kinds ~ drinks are all you can eat and drink

Order Viking you can eat as much as you like creative dishes of the changing season every month! You can use it as a banquet as it has an all-you-can-drink menu of 120 minutes.Early hours or when you start late, you can earn money!


★ All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat Grand menu with over 50 varieties every month!

【Tentatively, salad】

Edamame / okra octopus wasabi / radish chanja / tree child and chicken liver ginger boiled / cold / pickle platter

Sashimo Namba Taste / Seasoned Vermillion Boiled Egg / Moro Cure / Hot Spring Egg and Ham's Caesar Salad

Smoked salmon and fruit citrus salad / pork shabu and radish sesame salad

Avocado and tofu yuba's wasabi cream salad / pork shabu and radish sesame salad / assorted ham platter

Radish with shrimp and avocado in wasabi-style / raw ham and tomato carpaccio / roast bee with warm ball

【Goods / Fried Items】

Asia's overnight dried / grilled Sarawara carpaccio / 鱧 湯 湯 Plum meat sauce / smoked platter

Salmon marinade / two yakitori skins / soup dumplings / old old okonishi sausage grilled / young chicken salt heavenly woman

Pork meat cigar fried / fried potatoes / fried chicken leaf / cradle oyster fried / deep-fried cartilage

Deep fried chicken wings / Sweet potato honey butter sauce / Onion Mayon Pon vinegar Takoyaki

Crab cream croquette / fried chicken fried / salsa fried shrimps skewers

【Hot items, rice, noodles】

Hiroshima style seafood Timimi / potato akuta cheese teppanyaki / chicken no Rikka / meat miso tortilla

Chicken meatballs with chicken meatballs with eggs / Grilled pork and miso / mozzarella cheese tomato basil pizza

Salmon grilled saury / Sushi (Tako / Squid / Salmon / Sawara / Roast Beef / Shrimp / Raw Ham) Bisection / Maguro Sushi

Sea sound style meat buckwheat / iron plate Hiroshima vegetable shinning rice Three servings / Akuta kettama udon / hot bibimbap


Yuzu Sherbet / Vanilla Ice / Yogurt Ice / Matcha Ice / Gateau Chocolate Ice / Maron Ice

Black honey ice / apple ice / grapes · pear Nasi cake / brownie / chocolate cake / vanilla chiffon cake

Flamboir rare cheesecake / berry berry cake / Matcha donut / chocolate donut